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MTA Eagle 551-6 Magazine-type Bar Loader, 5-51 mm Bar Capacity, 6' Bar Length Capacity, Channel Guides for 5-25 mm Bars, New 2011.



Brown & Sharpe MicroVal EM Coordinate Measuring Machine. 18"X, 20"Y, 16"Z, 22"W x 29.5"L x 19"H Max. Part Size, 0.00024" Linear Accuracy, 215 lb. Max. Part Weight, 22" x 29.5" Granite Plate with Tapped Inserts, Computer, Monitor & Keyboard, Renishaw TP1s Probe,Replaced Air System, Manuals & Tutorials, New 1992.



Charmilles RoboForm 51 CNC Ram Type EDM, Charmilles CNC Control, 64A Output, C-Axis, 23.62"X, 15.74Y, 17.71"Z, 48" x 31" x 18" Tank, 29.5" x 19.5" Table, Erowa Chuck, 24 Station Tool Changer, Auto-Drop Tank Door, Fire Suppression, New 1999, VIDEO AVAILABLE



Hitachi Seiki HC400-40 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Fanuc 15-M Control, 20.1"X 17.7"Y 21.1"Z, BT-40 Taper, 30 ATC, 60 - 6,000 rpm, 15.7" x 15.7" Table with 1 Degree Indexing, Chip Conveyor, Misc. Tooling, New 1990, VIDEO AVAILABLE .

Kuraki KH-50 CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Fanuc 11M CNC Control, 28.3"X, 23.6"Y, 23.6"Z, Twin 19.7" x 19.7" Pallets, 1 Degree Indexing Table, CAT-50 Spindle Taper, 6,000 RPM Spindle, 60 Station Automatic Tool Changer, 10 Hp, Spider Cool Programmable Coolant Nozzle, Rigid Tapping, Dual Chip Augers, New 1987, VIDEO AVAILABLE.



Mori Seiki ZT1500YB 8-Axis CNC Lathe. Mori Seiki MSX-501 CNC Control, 2.5" Bar Capacity (Big Bore) & 8" 3-Jaw Chuck on Main Spindle, 6" 3-Jaw Chuck on Sub-spindle, 12-Station Bi-directional 30VDI Upper & Lower Turrets w/ All Live Stations,Y Axis on Upper Turret, C-axis on each Spindle, B-Axis on Sub-spindle, Hi-pressure Coolant to both Turrets, Parts Catcher & Conveyor, 30" Max. Between Chucks, Tool Presetter, (2) Foot Pedals, Chip Conveyor, Miscellaneous Tooling, Bar Feed Available at Additional Cost, New 2004, VIDEO AVAILABLE..

Mori Seiki ZT2500Y 8-Axis CNC Lathe. Mori Seiki MSX-501 CNC Control, 3" Bar Capacity, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck on Each Spindle, 12-Station Bi-directional 40VDI Upper & Lower Turrets w/ All Live Stations,Y Axis on Upper Turret, C-axis on each Spindle, B-Axis on Sub-spindle, Hi-pressure Coolant to both Turrets, Parts Catcher & Conveyor, Tool Pre-setters, (2) Foot Pedals, Chip Conveyor, Bar Feed Available for Additional Cost, New 2005, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Tsugami C300H-XZ CNC High Precision Automatic Lathe, Gang Style, Fanuc 0i Mate-TD CNC Control, 80 - 6,000 RPM, 7.3/10 Hp, 1.5" Max. Bar Capacity, 5C Hyd. Collet Chuck, 4.5" x 20.5" T-slotted Tool Stage, Parts Catcher, Parts Conveyor, Miscellaneous Tool Holders, Coolant Manifold, New 2015, Put Into Service in 2017, Only 129 Cutting Hours, Cutting Aluminum and Plastic, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Nakamura Tome TMC-18 CNC Lathe, Fanuc 21-T CNC Control, 11.0" Turning Diameter, 11.22" Turning Length, 2.0" Bar Capacity, 50 - 4,500 RPM, 15 Hp, 5C Collet Nose, 10 Station VDI Turret, Tailstock with Programmable Quill, Parts Catcher, Miscellaneous Tooling, New 1999, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Colchester Alpha 1550XM 21.75" x 120" Flat Bed CNC Lathe, GE Fanuc 21i TB with Alpha X Series CNC Control, 15.5" 3 Jaw Chuck, (2) Steady Rests, Dorian Quick Change Toolpost, Tailstock, Live Tooling Head, New 2007, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Clausing Metosa 20" x 87" CNC Flat-bed AutoLathe, Model EL2087CS, Fagor 800T CNC Control (Manual or Automatic Operation), Constant Surface Speed, Dual Electronic Hand Wheels, Quick-change Toolpost with Miscellaneous Holders, 16" 4-Jaw Chuck, Tailstock, Coolant, New 1998, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

DMTG CKE6180Z 31" x 79" (800 x 2000) Flat Bed CNC Lathe, Fagor 8055TC CNC Control, 40 1,000 RPM, 15 Hp, 16" 3-Jaw Chuck, 20" Face Plate, 32" Drilled & Tapped Fixture Plate, 6-Position Vertical Turret, Steady Rest, Coolant System, Manual, 3.9" H.I.S. Extended X-axis, New 2011.

Mori Seiki SL-7B CNC Combination Lathe, Fanuc 6TB Control, 35" Swing Over Bed, 27.5" Max. Turning Diameter, 60" Turning Length, 10 1010 RPM, A1-11 Spindle Nose, 5.5" Hole Through Spindle, 22" 3-Jaw Hyd. Chuck, 12-Station Turret, Hyd. Tailstock with Power Positioning, Chip Conveyor, 50 Hp, New 1982.

Dainichi F15 CNC Universal Slant-bed Lathe, Fanuc 21T CNC Control w/ RS232 and Surfcam software, 17.7" Swing Over Bed, 9.84" Max. Turning Diameter, 23.62" Max. Turning Length, 1.77" Bar Capacity, A2-5 Spindle Nose, 60 6,000 RPM, 7.5 Hp, 12 Position Turret, 6" Hyd. & Manual Chucks, 5C Collet Nose, Hyd. Tailstock, 10' Hyd. Bar Feed, Tool Setter, Parts Catcher, Coolant System, Miscellaneous Tool Holders & Chuck Jaws, New 1998 . ONLY 1,450 HOURS.

Hardinge Cobra 51 CNC Chucking Lathe, Fanuc 21i-TA CNC Control, 2" Bar Capacity, 8.25" Max. Machining Diameter, 14" Max. Machining Length, 50 4,500 RPM, 12 Position Turret, 20C Collet Nose, Miscellaneous Turret Tool Holders, Coolant, New 1999, VIDEO AVAILABLE.



Haas TRT70 Dual-Axis Tilting Rotary Table, 2.76" Platter, 3 lb. Max. Part Weight, 410/sec Max. Tilt and Rotary Speed, 0.001 Resolution, 4.22" Auxiliary Platter, Sigma 5 Servo Motors, New 2017.

Tsudakoma RNC-800 31.5" CNC 4th Axis Rotary Table, New 2001.



Milltronics VM2016 Vertical Machining Center, Milltronics 8200 CNC Control with Conversational Programming, USB Port & Color Graphics, 20"X, 16"Y, 20"Z, 16" x 26" Table, BT-40 Taper, 8,000 RPM, 20 Station Dual-arm ATC, Rigid Tapping, 12/18 Hp, Spidercool Programmable Coolant Nozzle, Miscellaneous Tooling, New 2012, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

DMG Deckel Maho DMC 60T 5-Axis Milling Center, Heidenhain Mill Plus iT CNC Control, 30.7"X, 22"Y, 22"Z, 19.7" x 24.8" Pallets, Swiveling Spindle Head, 4-Pallet Changer + 1 Pallet in Machine, Renishaw Part Probe, Blum Laser Tool Probe, Hi-Pressure Coolant Through Spindle, Rigid Tapping, Chip Conveyor, Spin Window, New 2008.

Haas VF-8 CNC Vertical Machining Center, Haas CNC Control, 64"X, 40"Y, 30"Z, 36" x 64" Table, CAT-40 Spindle Taper, 7,500 RPM, 20Hp Vector Drive, 20-Station ATC, Rigid Tapping, Programmable Coolant Nozzle, Miscellaneous Tooling, Chip Auger, New 1999.

Acer EMC 2240A CNC Vertical Machining Center, Anilam 6000M Control, 14" x 54" Table, 40"X, 22.4"Y, 20"Z, CAT-40 Taper, 8,000 RPM, 24-Station Swing-arm ATC, 10/15 Hp, Rigid Tapping, Engraving, New 2006.

Matsuura MC-1000VF CNC Vertical Machining Center, Yasnac i80 5-Axis CNC Control, 40"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, 30 ATC, BT-40 Taper, 8,000 RPM, Hi-pressure Coolant Through Spindle, Chip Conveyor, New 1995, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Mighty Viper VMC-2100AG CNC Vertical Machining Center, 81"X, 41"Y, 41"Z, Mitsubishi KWS-980A CNC Control with Remote MPG, CAT-50 Taper, 6,000 RPM, 30 ATC, Dual Chip Conveyors, 30 Hp Spindle Motor, Geared Head, 42.5" x 82.5" Sub-table, Oil Chiller, Probe Receiver, Coolant Through Spindle, New 2000, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Feeler FV-800A Vertical Machining Center, 31.5"-X, 17.5"-Y, 20"-Z, New Spindle with approximately 200 Hrs., Fanuc 0MC Control, 10HP High Torque Spindle Motor, 8,000 RPM, 20 ATC, CAT40 Taper, Rigid Tapping, Toolholders and Vises, New 1996.



(9) Unused Haas 20 Position Umbrella/Carousel Type Automatic Tool Changers, 40 Taper, New 2018.



Bridgeport EZ Track II CNC Vertical Mill, Bridgeport BPC2M CNC Control, 11" x 58" Table, 32"X, 14.5"Y, 4.5"Z, 16" Knee Vertical Travel, Erickson QC Spindle, 60 ¬ 4,200 RPM Variable Speed, 2Hp, Coolant, Vises, New 1999.

Bridgeport Explorer X-26 CNC Knee-type Vertical Milling Machine, Bridgeport DX-32 Control, 26"X, 12Y, 5"Z, 12.5" x 34" Table, #30 Taper, 60 4200 RPM, Programmable Spindle Speeds and Brake, Miscellaneous Tooling, New 1996, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Acra CK 1-1/2HK 2 Axis CNC Milling Machine, Anilam Crusader Series M CNC Control, 10" x 54" Table, 3HP, 33" Longitudinal Travel, 22" Vertical Knee Travel, 70-4200 RPM, 4" Riser Block, Miscellaneous Tooling, Bridgeport 6" Vise, Glass Scales, Way Covers.



Waterjet Corporation Evolution X5 Waterjet Machine, 60,000 PSI Waterjet Pressure, 5' x 10' Sheet/Plate Capacity, 5-Axis Mitsubishi Model 750M Control on Portable Stand, KMT Intensifier, Chiller, Filter, Ebbco Weir Tank, Ebbco Bladder Tank, Ebbco Garnet Tank, Tool Box and Spare Parts, Manuals, New 2010, Approx. 450 Cut Hours, VIDEO AVAILABLE.








Sullair 1109EV/A Rotary Screw Compressor, WS Digital Controller, 15Hp, 125 PSIG, 59.1 CFM, Variable Speed, Air Cooled, Enclosure, Approx. 30,000 Hours, New 2008.

Kaeser ASD30 30HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor, With Kaeser Sigma Control, 132 CFM Output, 125 PSIG Operating Pressure, 67 dB Noise Level, New 2013.

Gardner Denver EBMQLC 75 HP Electra-Screw Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 100 PSI, 361 CFM, Auto Sentry ES Digital Control, Sound Enclosure, New 1995.



MTA Eagle 551-6 Magazine-type Bar Loader, 5-51 mm Bar Capacity, 6' Bar Length Capacity, Channel Guides for 5-25 mm Bars, New 2011.

Pietro Cucchi Standard PB15 6 Spindle 12' Bar Loader, Maximum bar capacity 5/8", VERY LITTLE USE, New 2002.



55" Schiess-Froriep 16DKE140 Vertical Turret Lathe, 55" 4-Jaw Independent Chuck, 63" Max. Turning Diam., 5 250 RPM, 75 Hp, 4-Sided Turret, Hard Jaws, Pendant Control, 2-Axis DRO, Coolant System, New 1982.

36" Bullard Spiral Drive Hi-Column Vertical Turret Lathe, 48" Max. Under Rail (Extended column height), 58" Max. Under Turret, 26" Turret Vertical Travel, 9 150 RPM, 0.002 0.500 IPR (Fine) Feeds, 20 Hp, 34" 3-Jaw Combination Chuck, 5-Sided Turret, Side Head, Coolant System, New 1941.

72" King Vertical Boring Mill, 72" Tee-slotted Table, 78" Max. Swing, 62" Under Rail, 1.4 68 RPM Variable Table Speeds, (2) Swivel Rams, DRO, 30Hp DC Motor, New 1942.



Barrett 1101-SE Sludge Extractor (E & SE Models Can Both Be Used for Chip Spinning. The SE Can Also Be Used for Separating Oil or Coolant from Sludge), 4.5 cu. ft./425 lb. Pan Capacity, Pan, Cart, Discharge Tub, Wrench, Lift Hooks, Spare Parts, New 1984.

Sanborn T14-2P LD/VFD Portable Turbo Separator, 3.7 Gal. Rotor Capacity, 22 lb. Sludge Capacity, 1 31 GPM Processing Capacity, 5 Hp, (2) Rotors, Siemens Control, New 2011.



J&L Metrology QBC-14 Optical Comparator, Screen Size 14", Table 16.5" x 5", AcuRite Quickcount II DRO, 10X Lens.



Clausing 2286 20" Single Spindle Hand Feed Drill Press, 1-1/4" Capacity, 10" Throat, 24" x 39" Table, Variable Spindle Speeds to 2000 RPM, #3 M.T., 1.5/.75 Hp, Hand Crank to Elevate Head, Jacobs Drill Chuck, New 1991.

Arboga ER830 3' x 8" Radial Drill, 80 890 RPM, #4MT, 2.2 Hp, Power Arm Elevation, Box Table, New 1970 .



Donaldson Torit Model SDF-4 Downflo Dust Collector, Checker Board Controller, 4 Filters, 7.5HP, 460V, 8" Inlet, 600-1200 CFM, Low Usage, New 2000.



(2) - Used 48" X 120" Cast Iron T-Slotted Floor Plates, 12" Thick, (4) T-Slots Per Plate, Keyed and Matched To Go Together, CAN BE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.



Crown 35SCTT-172 3,000 Lb. Capacity 3-Wheel Electric Fork Lift, Sit-down Rider Style, 2-Stage Mast, 172" Max. Height, 39" Forks, Cushion Tires, Battery Charger, New 1991.



Despatch V23STD Electric Cabinet Oven, 500F Max., 36"W x 19"D x 25"H Inside Dimensions, (8) Shelves, West Digital Temperature Control, Indicating Over-temperature Control, Partlow Round Chart Recorder, Double Doors, Mounted on Wheels.





12" X 24" Shigiya GUA-30.60 Hydraulic Universal Cylindrical Grinder, Table Wheelhead & Workhead Swivel, 14"Dia. Wheel, Auto Infeed, Plunge Infeed, Rapid Wheelhead Advance/Retract, Sparkout, Live/Dead Workhead Spindle, New 1985.

10.5" X 39" Shigiya GUA27-100 Universal Cylindrical Grinder, Full Automatic Cycle, Sparkout & Timers, Plunge Grinding, Steady Rests, Tailstock, Dresser, New 1981.



Mattison 22-42 Rotary Surface Grinder, 42" Magnetic Chuck, 5/8" Chuck Life, 22" Segmented Wheel, 75 Hp, 24" Maximum Work Height, Power Elevation & Head Tilt, Rebuilt Gear Box & Hydraulic Pump, Wheel Dresser, New 1978.



Sunnen CK-21-E Computerized Vertical Honing Machine, Sunnen Control, 0.75" 8.0" Diameter Range, 1,500 Lb. Max. Workpiece, 90 550 RPM, 0.75" 12" Stroke, 4 Hp, Mandrel, Mandrel Adapter, Manual, New 1999, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Barnesdrill Horizontal Hone, 10' Stroke, (2) 9" Diameter Cradles, Miscellaneous Honing Heads, Coolant, VIDEO AVAILABLE.



Mitsui Seiki 6AJB Double Column Jig Borer, 33" x 43" Table, 40" Table Travel, 32" Under Spindle, 40 2,000 RPM, #4 Morse Taper, 5 Hp Spindle Motor, 2-Axis AcuRite DRO, Coolant, Misc. Tooling, New 1967.



Poreba TPK80/6M 32" x 236" Engine Lathe, 19.5" 4-Jaw Chuck, Inch/Metric Threading, Hardened Bed, Power Compound, Power Rapid Traverse, 3.75" Hole in Spindle, 4-Way Tool Post, (2) Steady Rests, Taper Attachment, Tailstock, Coolant, New 1977, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

22" x 48" Cincinnati Hydrashift Lathe, 15" 3-Jaw Chuck, 16 - 640 rpm, 1-1/2 - 92 TPI, 2-5/16" Spindle Hole, 10 HP, 4-Way Tool Post, Tail Stock, Threading Dial, Hardened Ways, New 1966.

13" X 24"  Clausing Colchester  Lathe, 3HP, Tool Post, Tailstock, 8" 4-Jaw Chuck, 1-9/16" Hole in Spindle, New 1958.

Hardinge DSM-59 Second Operation Lathe, 1-1/16" Round Capacity, 9" Swing, 230 3,500 RPM, Infinitely Variable Speeds, Hardened & Ground Bed, 5" 3-Jaw Chuck, 5C Lever Collet Closer, Lever-operated Double Tool Cross Slide, 6-Position Turret, Coolant, New 1965.

Jones & Lamson 10A Saddle-type Universal Turret Lathe, 5" Bar Capacity, 8 400 RPM, 6-Position Turret, 24" 3-Jaw Chuck, 4-Way Tool Post, 3 Flanged Tool Holders, Vertical Slide Tool, Coolant System, New 1942.



Markem-Imaje Type 9040 Contrast Inkjet Marking Machine, Font Sizes from 5 Dots to Two 24-Dot Lines, Character Heights from 1.2 mm to 18.2 mm, With G-Head (71 DPI, Twin-jet), High Speed up to 5.5 M/sec, Up to 8-Line Printing, One & Two-Dimensional Bar Codes, Head Cleaning System, LITTLE TO NO USE, New 2012.





Federal 32Ton No.32 Fly Wheel-type OBI Press, Air Clutch & Brake, 2" Stroke, 10" Shut Ht., 2" Ram Adjustment, 15" x 24" Bed, 8" Throat, 100-300 SPM, 5HP/230/460, Reeves Variable Speed Drive, Dual Palm Buttons, Auto-lubrication, Inch/Single/Continuous/Jog and Bar Modes, Brake Monitor, Light Curtain, New 1983.

Bliss 60 Ton Model C-60 Flywheel-type OBI Press, 3" Stroke, 15-1/4" Shut Height, 3" Slide adjustment, 22" x 32" Bed, 100 Strokes Per Min., Air Clutch & Brake, Pedestal with Palm Buttons, Wintriss Control, Air Ejection, New 1962.



Do-All C-916A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, 9" x 16" Rectangular Capacity, 10-3/4" Round Capacity, 1" Blade, 105 275 FPM Blade Speed, 2HP Motor, Automatic Stock Indexing from 3/16" to 24", Hydraulic Variable Feed Force, Pneumatic Head Lift, Variable Vise Pressure, 5' Roller Conveyor, Coolant System, New 1996, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

Kalamazoo 13AW Horizontal Band Saw, 13" Round Capacity, 10" x 20" Flat Capacity (@90), 1" Blade, 2Hp, 65 345 FPM Variable Blade Speed, Swivel Vise, 5' Roller Conveyor Infeed, 32" Discharge Table with Stock Stop, Coolant, New 1998.



Electro Arc 4HDQT 20 KVA Tap Disintegrator, Mini Q Portable Tap Disintegrator Head with Magnetic Base, Dust Collection Unit, Very Little Usage, New 1999.



Pratt & Whitney M1513 Model B 12" Vertical Shaper, 0 12" Stroke, 24" Diameter Tee-slotted Rotary Table, 5 Hp, 19-31-48-76 SPM Ram Speeds, 5 84 FPM Cutting Speeds, 25" Table Longitudinal & Cross Travels, 0 5 Angular Ram Adjustment, Miscellaneous Tooling.



Haas TRT70 Dual-Axis Tilting Rotary Table, 2.76" Platter, 3 lb. Max. Part Weight, 410/sec Max. Tilt and Rotary Speed, 0.001 Resolution, 4.22" Auxiliary Platter, Sigma 5 Servo Motors, New 2017.

Tsudakoma RNC-800 31.5" CNC 4th Axis Rotary Table, New 2001.








NEW Uni-Hydro 56 Ton Model 5614 Hydraulic Ironworker. All other sizes also available. Please contact us to check availability.



Cincinnati HS250 12' x " Hydraulic Shear, 36" Capacity Front Operated Power Back Gauge W/Stroke Counter, 72" Squaring Arm, Adjustable Stroke Length And Rake Control, Pneumatic Sheet Support, Under Back Gauge Rear Material Platform For Easier Off Loading, New 1985, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

LVD JS 25/10 10' x 1/4" Hydraulic Squaring Shear, 30" FOPBG, 12 50 SPM Speed, Adjustable Rake, Adjustable Gap, Adjustable Length of Cut, 40" Squaring Arm, Support Arms, Illuminated Line of Cut, Ball Transfers, Rear Sheet Support, New 1993, VIDEO AVAILABLE.

HTC 250-10A 10' x 1/4" Hydraulic Power Squaring Shear, 23 SPM, 25 Hp, 36" Front Operated Power Back Gauge, 32" Squaring Arm, Support Arm with Ball Rollers, 4-Sided Chrome Alloy Blades, Hydraulic Hold Downs, Illuminated Line of Cut, Foot Switch, New 1978.

Steelweld 12' x 3/4" Series 1.20E-11 Mechanical Shear, 30 Strokes per Minute, 36" Throat, 25 Hp, Air Clutch, Adjustable Gap & Rake, Finger Guard, Foot Pedal, Ball Transfers in Bed, Support Table, New 1954.

Lodge & Shipley 2CT40-AB 12ga. x 40" Accra-Blank Mechanical Power Shear, with (2) 18" Front Vernier Pin Gauges, 24" FOMBG, (5) Adjustable Mechanical Hold-Downs, Finger Guard, 1.5Hp/3/60/230/460 Motor, 4-Sided Blades, 1-Shot Bijur Lube System, Foot Pedal, Front-Return Chute, New 1975, VIDEO AVAILABLE.








Hammond MK045PBK 45KVA Transformer, Three Phase, 600 Volt Primary Delta, 208Y-120 Volt Secondary, 350 lbs.

Takeshiro HO-8CM 50KVA Transformer, Three Phase, 50/60 Hz, Primary Voltage 480/415/380/240/220, Secondary Voltage 200, Rated Current 144 Amp, New 2016 (Little or no use), 353lbs.

We are located in Worcester Massachusetts USA

PH 508-791-6800, FAX 508-791-6838.

We try to give accurate and reliable descriptions, but these are not guaranteed and we advise prospective purchasers to check important details.

Please email us for additional information. Include in the message your name, company name, location, phone number, and fax number.



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